Founded by Second Grace United Methodist Church in 2001, Joy-Southfield Community Development Corporation initially operated a “mini-clinic” for uninsured residents. Located in the church, the mini-clinic provided preventive health screening, physical examinations, vaccinations, immunizations and follow-up on hospital emergency department visits. In order to meet an increasing need for primary and preventive healthcare program, we began construction of the 3900 square foot Joy-Southfield Health and Education Center in 2005.


2006 Health and Education Center

The Health and Education Center opened in May 2006 with expanded capacity for providing primary care, preventive health and disease management programs.  The health clinic was designated “The Juanita Reaves Free Clinic” in honor of the woman who was the driving force behind the formation of the clinic. The new facility, financed largely by the United Methodist Church, and supported by a diverse network of churches, faiths, community organizations, and foundations, enabled us to begin reducing healthcare disparities within the community.


2014 Joined with Covenant Community Care

As of July 1, 2014, a major step was taken to continue to improve the health of the community. Covenant Community Care joined with Joy-Southfield to provide primary health care at the Joy-Southfield Health and Wellness Center. This significant step represented an important expansion in health care provision to residents of the area.



In 2019, JSCDC spent time connecting with our residents and neighborhood groups to gain feedback on what the community needs. We’ve been gratified to see an ongoing series of forums engaging local residents, community partners, philanthropic partners, governmental, and corporate representatives.  We’re increasingly realizing that pursuit of our mission will be done both directly through our own program activities, as well as indirectly through the formation of strategic collaborations as dictated by community needs assessments.

As an outcome of the community engagement and feedback from this past year, Joy Southfield board and staff are excited to announce several new initiatives that are in the early planning phases and will make a large impact for residents and businesses. JSCDC staff has also been active in developing a brand that is more intentional and meaningful in our approach to community development. 2019 has been a year of discovery and we are excited to foster and support a healthy, vibrant and resilient community.