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The Joy Southfield Community Development Corporation goal is to represent, strategize, and implement community economic development in Cody Rouge, Warrendale, and surrounding neighborhoods. As a community development corporation, we promote social cohesion and a sense of place, while reinforcing healthy lifestyles. Our ultimate goal is to reach the community at a deeper, systemic level, and to promote change within patterns across the community. We have been successful in designing, deploying, and sustaining our programs and initiatives for nearly 20 years. We also ensure that local residents and stakeholders are fully engaged in the process.

Created by JSCDC Volunteer Katherine A.

The Healthy Eating Activity and Learning (HEAL Initiative) emphasizes education and the improvement of health for residents of District 7, and to their surrounding communities.  The HEAL Initiative currently deploys year-round programs to service fresh food options, introduce new cooking techniques, and directly provides fresh produce to the doors of program participants.

The Social and Entrepreneurial Resource Village (SERV Detroit Initiative) improves the lives of residents through community economic development services and entrepreneurial efforts.  The SERV Detroit Initiative deploys year-round programs to help eliminate blight, improve quality of life, and provide home accessibility repairs and small business support.

Sowing Seeds Growing Futures Logo

The Sowing Seeds Growing Futures Farmer’s Market was created in 2014 under the Healthy Eating Activity and Learning (HEAL Initiative) to circulate health, wealth, and happiness amongst the residents of District 7.  Our Farmer’s Market represents the power of a seed and the capability of it’s growth.  The Sowing Seeds Growing Futures Farmer’s Market is an annual event held each Tuesday, beginning of Spring until the mid Fall year.