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Our Farmer’s Market, Sowing Seeds Growing Futures is a part of the Detroit Community Markets group.  It is an annual program to service Cody Rouge, Warrendale and surrounding neighborhoods of District 7.  Our market operates seasonally beginning in the Summer to run each week on Tuesday’s until the Fall; rain or shine with an exception of July 4th and Labor Day Week.  The program enables our residents access to a variety of local produce growers, vendors, cooking demonstrations, recipes, samples, nutrition and health education.  Sowing Seeds Growing Futures is a fun, educational and healthy experience for the whole family!

The following payment methods are accepted: Cash, Bridge/EBT card, Double Up Food Bucks, WIC Project Fresh Coupons, Sr. Project Fresh, and Fresh Prescription.


18900 Joy Rd (at Artesian)
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Detroit, Michigan 48228


To participate, please contact:

Colleen Joseph


Volunteers are needed!  To get involved, click here!

vendors opportunities  

Market Vendors Sowing Seeds Growing Futures:  Do I have to grow produce to be a Vendor?  No, there are a variety of goods and items at a Farmer’s Market.  You can supply fresh produce, specialty foods, handmade items, teas, soaps, herbs, spices, boutique offerings, books, crafts… you name it – we want you there!  In need of more information?  To have your questions answered, click below to open the Operating Policies.  Have more questions?  If so, contact Colleen Joseph at cjoseph@joysouthfield.org.

Visit our Community Health page for additional Farmer’s Market information.  Apply to be a Market Vendor, today! 

Internship opportunity 

Community Health & Wellness Intern: This role will serve as the Community Health Intern for Joy Southfield Community
Development Corporation, JSCDC.  This position is 10-20 hours/week.  Position requires support during market days.  Every Tuesday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. during Farmer’s Market season.  The primary responsibilities may include supporting community health programming, community outreach and capacity building within the Cody-Rouge neighborhood of Detroit, MI. Have more questions?  If so, contact Colleen Joseph at cjoseph@joysouthfield.org.

Apply for the position, today! 

Fresh Prescription Logo

fresh prescription

Fresh Prescription is a fruit and vegetable prescription program that brings together healthcare and food systems.  Our program is built to foster relationships to build a healthy and a sustainable food system in Detroit.  This promising approach to a healthier food system connects patients to fresh, locally-grown produce while providing direct economic benefits to small and midsize farmers.


How Does Fresh Prescription Work?

Our Participants are patients of Covenant Community Care (CCC).  Primary care physicians of CCC refer patients of chronic disease, caregivers and pregnant women from low-income households.  A clinician will meet with participants and their families to discuss healthy eating and fruit and vegetable consumption, healthy food access and build knowledge and skills to sustain a more healthy led life.

The physician gives the participants a “fresh prescription” to eat more fruits and vegetables and helps set goals for healthy eating.  Patients “fill” their prescription at a partnering farm stand or market where they also receive nutrition counseling, cooking demonstrations and other educational support for making meaningful and more healthy eating changes.  To be referred, please contact Covenant Community Care.



To participate, please contact:

Colleen Joseph

Logo for Cooking for Change

cooking for a change

 Cooking for A Change aims to connect our residents with health experts.  Our program facilitates instructional-led cooking with renowned Detroit Chefs.  Detroit Chef(s) will select a healthy recipe to include dish preparations, cooking, and presentation of cooked dish.  

Participants learn techniques to enhance food’s natural flavor while preserving its nutritive value​ through various cooking methods.  The program teaches tips and techniques for healthier and safer cooking.  Participants also have the added benefit of learning that cooking is fun!  It is a 4-week program.  Cooking sessions will not only enrich your diet, but also your life.


    To participate, please contact:

    Colleen Joseph