What We Do

Community and Economic Development


JSCDC has played a pivotal role in addressing the economic challenges of the Cody-Rouge neighborhood. Our comprehensive approach to fighting poverty, driven by the residents of the communities, leverages private capital with public resources and community-based know-how to meet basic needs, to stimulate growth, and to create a strengthened community and economic opportunity.

In short, JSCDC enables individuals and communities that may otherwise be at the margins of society to help themselves up the ladder of opportunity to greater levels of self-sufficiency.

Residents of economically disadvantaged communities continue to find that housing is more expensive, jobs are more elusive, and the American Dream feels further out of reach. Even more challenging for these communities is obtaining the capital needed to stimulate economic activity.  Now more than ever, we need a strong and innovative CED sector to help reverse these trends.

In Detroit, Joy Southfield Community Development Corporation is leading this work through bold and innovative strategies. Working closely with the Cody-Rouge neighborhood and community organizations, JSCDC is providing sound leadership, easy access to programming and a strong voice for matters most to our residents. Finally, we are promoting public policies that will create a context in which local communities have a fair shot at building inclusive and sustainable economies.In all of our work, we are committed to excellence, integrity, transparency, inclusion, and impact. We invite you to join us in this necessary effort to make sure that the Cody-Rouge Community has access to resources that are needed to reach its full potential.

Healthy Homes Rx

Healthy Homes Rx Logo

Just like your physical body, your home needs to be cared for or it can become “sick.”  Healthy Homes is designed to reduce the symptoms leading to an “illness.”  Through inspections and education, JSCDC’s Healthy Homes two-year program is designed to support you in keeping your home healthy. Over the 2-year program, JSCDC will follow each family to encourage ongoing home care and maintenance.

Each family that applies and is approved for the program will receive a home inspection to evaluate the housing condition for clean ventilation systems, filters, paint and other potentially hazardous barriers. Each family will have the opportunity to receive education on the importance of regular home maintenance along with a planned maintenance program that will assist in reducing future repairs and costs associated with owning a home.

SERV Detroit

Logo for SERV (Social and Entrepreneur Resource Village)

JSCDC is committed to filling gaps for business and resident resources in the Cody Rouge/Warrendale Communities. SERV Detroit (Social & Entrepreneurial Resource Village) will open doors to aspiring entrepreneurs, residents, and neighborhood associations who desire to create innovative strategies and solve community issues.

The program will provide space for community partners and help residents and organizations with focused education and resources based around strategic business models, technical support, networking, mentorship, social design, and potential funding. JSCDC will partner with experts in these fields to provide services that will enhance the mission of each organization and resident that enters our door.

Cody-Rouge Business Association

The Cody-Rouge Business Association (CRBA) has the following goals:​

  • Encourage, promote, and support the growth and development of existing and new businesses that are well planned, of high quality, and provide a balance of commercial, residential and industrial opportunities that enhances the quality of life for all businesses and residents in the area.
  • Create membership directories that promote member businesses and establish connections between those businesses and nearby residents.
  • Foster networking and cross-promotion among businesses.
  • Create awards to present to businesses that make outstanding contributions to the community, financially, aesthetically, and from an operational standpoint.
  • Institute fee structures that build capacity to promote member businesses, networking events for members and support community & business development projects.

Economic Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is part of our economic development model:

  • To attract green businesses
  • Create green jobs
  • Stabilize our neighborhoods

​Joy Southfield Community Development Corporation is working with Eastern Michigan University to create a marketing, advertising and social media strategy to attract a variety of green industry businesses to Cody-Rouge.

Blue Green Infrastructure Projects Underway
  • 3 underground water catchment systems
  • 10 Significant Bioswales (Cody Rouge and Warrendale Community)
  • Community gardens
  • LED lighting
  • Becoming a nationally recognized Eco-District