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Sowing Seed Growing Futures


JSCDC's Farmer's Market
Sowing Seeds Growing Futures

Dedicated to providing a variety of fresh fruits, produce, baked goods and resources for health and wellness to the Cody Rouge community.

Access to a variety of local produce growers & vendors, baked goods, cooking demos, samples, recipes, nutrition & health education, & fun for the whole family.  

We welcome you to join us at the market for healthy grilling demos, free food samples, cooking recipes, social engagement, and FUN family activities!

Cooking For A Change
JSCDC's Healthy Community
Cooking Program

If you are interested in healthy cooking can join Chef Mike for a healthy cooking class.

Cooking For A Change is a cooking class that teaches tips and techniques for healthier and safer cooking.  Participants have the added benefit of learning that cooking is fun.

This 4-week, 1.5 hour sessions will enrich not only your diet but life also.

JSCDC's Healthy Community
H.e.a.l. workshops

Healthy Eating Activity & Learning come together to set, firm-up or build upon your daily activities. 

H.e.y Detroit/jscdc

Healthy Empowered Youth are encouraged, supported & educated on various topics to assist them in growing fresh produce but also valuable life skills.

enhanced fitness

Healthy Eating Activity & Learning come together to set, firm-up or build upon your daily activities.

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