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The heart, grit, and resiliency of Detroiters is by far,second to none. Together, we are impacting communities one “healthy home” at a time.

Just like your physical body, your home needs to be cared for or it can become “sick.”  Healthy Homes Rx is designed to reduce the symptoms leading to an “illness.”  Through inspections, education and repairs.  Healthy Homes Rx is a 2-year program designed to support you in keeping your home healthy.  Each family that applies and is approved for the program will receive a home inspection.  To evaluate  clean ventilation systems, lead paint hazards, asthma triggers and other potential household hazards. The assessment will also include fire and life safety inspections.

We will provide education on the importance of regular home maintenance along with a planned maintenance program that will assist in reducing future repairs and costs associated with owning a home. Our staff will continue to work with each family during the two years to monitor health intervention inputs, calculate return on investments (qualitative and quantitative) and maximize positive outcomes.

Photo of Residential Block
picnic table at Joy Southfield
Photo of We Built This Summer Program
Photo of We Built This Summer Program

Completed Blue Green Infrastructure Project

The bioswale method protects surface waters lessening stormwater runoff by slowing and reducing water volume while straining out pollutants.  It is typically a moderately sloped swale planted with plants native to the region. The longer stormwater can stay in the bioswale area, the more pollutants will be filtered out. 

Benefits of a bioswale include:

  • Protects local watersheds from stormwater pollutants
  • Reduces non-point pollution by filtering stormwater
  • Creates habitat for wildlife, including pollinators (birds, bees, and butterflies)
  • Reduces standing water that can attract mosquitoes and other pests
  • Creates colorful gardens with a variety of flowers and plants year-round
  • Requires little maintenance after plants are established
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