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cooking for a change

Chef Mike gives the community a hands-on experience in learning the fundamentals of cooking.  Participants will learn techniques to enhance food's natural flavor, while preserving its nutritive value as much as possible​ through various cooking methods, which is vital to our health.  This 4-week program meets once a week for 1 1/2 hours.

enhance fitness

Enhance Fitness is a free weekly low impact aerobic exercise class for adults. We meet on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm at Second Grace United Methodist Church. Enhance fitness is perfect for all fitness levels and allows you to move at your own pace.

Fresh prescription

Fresh Prescription is a fruit and vegetable prescription program that brings together the healthcare system and the food system, fostering innovative relationships to build a healthy sustainable food system in Detroit. This promising approach to a healthier food system connects patients to fresh, locally-grown produce while providing direct economic benefits to small and midsize farmers.

Sowing Seeds Growing Futures Farmers Market and Covenant Community Care are partners.  Participants must be patients and referred by Covenant Community Care.

Heal workshops - Family & Type II Diabetes

Healthy Eating Activity & Learning

Healthy Eating Activity & Learning (HEAL) Workshops for Diabetics

Series of six weekly classes of 2-hour duration featuring evidence-based curriculum led by a health educator with MPH, RD & CDE qualifications

Ranges from chronic disease management, Type 2 Diabetes, to healthy family-focused Focus is on healthy eating and physical activity within a community where healthy choices are limited

Includes “hands-on” activities to enhance health behaviors

No cost workshops held at JSCDC, local schools and other community sites

HEAL Support

Support group for diabetic patients designed to encourage residents to share experiences, successes and failures, provide education  in a group setting.

Hey Detroit/jscdc

Healthy Empowered Youth

The Healthy Empowered Youth (HEY) Detroit project is a summer-long youth enrichment program that aims to ready students for a successful start to fall by engaging youth and adolescents living within the Cody-Rouge neighborhood in health-related activities involving, but not limited to, physical activity, nutritional lessons, and gardening for healthy development and learning. Each week, JSCDC will host kid’s activities at our summer Farmer’s Market, provide healthy lifestyle lessons and games at Meet Up and Eat Up “drop-off” sites in the neighborhood, and engage youth and adolescents in hands-on experiences in gardening where youth grow, market, and sell produce to develop entrepreneurial skills.

Sowing Seeds Growing Futures

Season:  June 4  and to October 8

Market Time:  Every Tuesday, 3– 6 pm Rain or Shine  Except July 4th & Labor Day Week  

We Accept The Following Payment Methods: Cash, Bridge/EBT card, Double Up Food Bucks, WIC Project Fresh Coupons, Sr. Project Fresh, Fresh Prescription     

We Provide: Access to a variety of local produce growers & vendors, baked goods, cooking demos, samples, recipes, nutrition & health education, & fun for the whole family.  

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