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Home Repair Application

Please list repairs in your home you are

submitting this application for:

Light Home Repairs Include But Not Limited To:

Porch Stairs, Porch railings, Loose/Missing Fascia, Yard Care (Greening),

Running Toilet, Broken Light Fixtures, Painting, Minor Fence Repair, Grade Repair,

Non-Hazardous Debris Removal (To Front Of Property)

Selection of the homes repaired depends on several factors including

the immediate need of the applicant. 

Please write a short summary as to why your

situation demands immediate attention.

Please Be Brief and Direct:

The Joy-Southfield Community Development Corporation relies on grants, donations and volunteers to make the housing initiative possible.  Works preformed at individual locations are limited by expenses and the scope of experience available through our volunteers.  This form is to determine what type of work is needed at your home and is also used a criteria form to determine priority of work needed.


Joy-Southfield Community Development Corporation does not guarantee selection of your property for work nor does this form promise that all tasks requested will be completed if your home is selected.  Ages of volunteers vary.  No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to work without adult supervision.  This work is being completed by volunteers so there is no guarantee on workmanship and J-SCDC is not liable for work preformed.  Work will be selected partially on the qualifications of the available volunteers.


The homeowner or an adult representative must be present while work is being performed.  If your home is selected for review, a representative of J-SCDC will contact you to schedule an engineering inspection to determine the scope of the work to be performed.  If you agree to the terms of the above statement please sign below and fill out the following application in full:

You Must Be the Owner of the Home and This Must Be Your Primary Residence In Order To Apply For Home Repair Assistance.

Upon Submission of Application Contact Will Be Made to Discuss Results of Your Application and/or To Schedule an On-Site Evaluation

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