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WIC Project Fresh

WIC Project FRESH helps to provide healthy and nutritious produce to Michigan WIC participants, while fostering economic development by promoting our state's diverse agricultural products. The program provides low-income, nutritionally-at-risk WIC participants with eligible, locally grown, fresh, unprepared fruits and vegetables from authorized farmers, farmers' markets and roadside stands throughout Michigan.

How Do WIC Project Fresh Coupons Work?

Enrolled WIC participants, excluding infants, may be eligible to receive a $25 booklet containing five, $5 coupons to be used June 1st through October 31st in the year the booklet is issued. It is the responsibility of the WIC local agency staff to identify eligible participants and issue coupons at either the local WIC agencies, farmers' markets, or roadside stands.

What May Be Purchased With WIC Project Fresh Coupons?

WIC Project FRESH coupons can only be used to buy eligible, locally grown, fresh, unprepared fruits and vegetables from authorized farmers, farmers' markets and roadside stands. WIC participants are encouraged to use all their coupons during the season to help meet their special nutritional needs. They are especially encouraged to buy broccoli, carrots, potatoes, squash, peaches, apples and tomatoes. A variety of produce rich in vitamins A, C, and folic acid are emphasized.  

fresh prescription

What Is Fresh Prescription?

Fresh Prescription is a fruit and vegetable prescription program that brings together the healthcare system and the food system, fostering innovative relationships to build a healthy sustainable food system in Detroit. This promising approach to a healthier food system connects patients to fresh, locally-grown produce while providing direct economic benefits to small and midsize farmers.


Sowing Seeds Growing Futures Farmers Market and Covenant Community Care are partners.

Participants must be patients and referred by Covenant Community Care.

How Does Fresh Prescription Work?

Low-income patients with chronic disease, caregivers of young children and pregnant women are referred to the Fresh Prescription program by their primary care physician. A clinician meets with participants and their families to discuss healthy eating and assess fruit and vegetable consumption, access to healthy food, and knowledge and skills for choosing, preparing and eating fresh fruits and vegetables.


The clinician gives the participants a prescription to “eat more fruits and vegetables” and helps set goals for healthy eating. Patients "fill" their prescription at a partnering farm stand or market, where they also receive nutrition counseling, cooking demonstrations and other educational support for making meaningful, healthy eating changes.

senior Project Fresh/market fresh

Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH

The Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH program is aimed at helping older adults eat healthier as they age.

The program provides participants free nutrition counseling and $20 in coupons that can be exchanged for fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods sold at local farmers markets and roadside stands.

Residents who are age 60 or older with a total household income of $22,459 or less for an individual, or $30,451 for a couple, are eligible to apply for the program.

Applicants must live in a county participating in the program. The program runs from May 1 to Oct. 31 each year.


How The Program Works?

Participants are given ten, $2 vouchers to use at Farmers Markets and Roadside stands that display a sign that reads, "Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH Welcome Here."  The participant may choose from any Michigan-grown, non-processed product, including honey, that is for sale. The participant uses the voucher like cash to pay for the products.

  • Coupons cannot be used for items that are not normally grown in Michigan, such as bananas, oranges and pineapples. They also cannot be used on potted plants, flowers, cheese, meat, or eggs, even though some of these are good sources of nutrition

  • Participants also receive nutrition education when they get their coupons.  This may be done at a class, one-to-one, or sometimes at the market.

  • Participants are encouraged to use all their coupons during the season, which is May 1 through Oct. 31 each year.  If a participant has difficulty getting to a market, they can assign a proxy.


To Qualify, An Older Adult Must Be:

60 years of age or older

Have a total household income of 185% of poverty or less

Live in the county where the coupons are issued.      

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