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Rev Eric Miller

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downtown development

A vibrant and walkable commercial corridor brings businesses and the community together.

We continually look for new and innovative ways to attract new and support current business throughout the Cody-Rouge and surrounding neighborhoods.

Work in development:

  • Water catchment system and beautification at 3 major intersections

  • CRBA - Cody-Rouge Business Association

If you have questions regarding Joy Road or any of our major business corridors or are interested in starting or locating your business here please contact

business association

The Cody-Rouge Business Association (CRBA) goals are to:

  • Encourage, promote, and support the growth and development of existing and new businesses that are well planned, of high quality, and provide a balance of commercial, residential and industrial opportunities that enhances the quality of life for all businesses and residents in the area.

  • Create membership directories that promote member businesses and establish connections between those businesses and nearby residents.

  • Foster networking and cross-promotion among businesses.

  • Create awards to present to businesses that make outstanding contributions to the community, financially, aesthetically, and from an operational standpoint. 

  • Institute fee structures that build capacity to promote member businesses, networking events for members and support community & business development projects.


parks & recreation

Clean and safe community parks are a very important part of a healthy community model. Our community offers:

  • New bike trails

  • A renovated community pool

  • New baseball/softball, football and soccer fields

  • A new track and field facility


Our parks offer a variety of opportunities such as nature walks, butterfly pastures, fishing, horseback riding, golf, model airplane fields, toboggan/sled hills, community gardens, picnics and much more.

environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is part of our economic development model:

  • To attract green businesses

  • Create green jobs

  • Stabilize our neighborhoods

Blue Green Infrastructure projects underway:

  • 3 underground water catchment systems

  • 10 Significant Bioswales (Cody Rouge and Warrendale Community)

  • Community gardens

  • LED lighting

  • Becoming a nationally recognized Eco-District

Joy Southfield Community Development Corporation is working with Eastern Michigan University to create a marketing, advertising and social media strategy to attract a variety of green industry businesses to Cody-Rouge.

community arts

Community public art serves the Cody Rouge community in many capacities. The art aids in helping to shape the identity of Cody Rouge along with making what could be considered impersonal spaces more personal. 

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