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Home Repair Program OPEN For 2019

Applications Available To Print Below Or At Our Office

18917 Joy Road, Detroit, MI 48226

Repairs vary from small plumbing repairs to full wheel chair ramps and many things in between. 

Each year dozens of groups work in the community offering home repair,

vacant housing board-ups, community clean-ups and lawn services.


If you are interested in this program an application form is available here.


CLICK Here For Your 2019 Home Repair Application

Safe, quality housing and neighborhoods are an important part of an individual's or family’s well-being, not only from a physical standpoint but also from a physiological and social one.  Being warm and dry while feeling secure allows us to concentrate on other parts of our lives such as quality social time with family, friends or neighbors.  It offers peace of mind to know our children are safe riding their bikes or playing in the yard.


Joy Southfield Community Development Corporation in cooperation with                 Motown Mission Experience works with churches, corporations and other community-based organizations to offer free or low-cost home repairs for low income, single family homeowners in the Cody-Rouge neighborhood.

Healthy Homes



Just like your physical body, your home needs to be cared for or it can become “sick”.  Healthy Homes is designed to reduce the symptoms leading to an “illness”.  Through inspections and education, JSCDC’s Healthy Homes 2-year program is designed to support you in keeping your home healthy. Over the 2-year program, JSCDC will follow each family to encourage ongoing home care and maintenance.

Each family that applies and is approved for the program will receive a home inspection to evaluate the housing condition for clean ventilation systems, filters, paint and other potentially hazardous barriers. Each family will have the opportunity to receive education on the importance of regular home maintenance along with a planned maintenance program that will assist in reducing future repairs and costs associated with owning a home.

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